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3. Get more data on your business processes

It is said that data without analysis has no value. I can't fully agree with this statement. In several practical situations it has been proven if there is data, there is something to be followed. The same could be said in a woodworking workshop about material. Yes, you may not need a material that you can suddenly get for a good price right away, but it may be worth "gold" the next moment. If you can store it cheaply and use it when you need it, why not? It is also important to note that it makes sense to evaluate all business processes - not just production or sales, but the whole. The analysis of business processes from the perspective with cooperation with buyer is valuable. It can be divided into stages - before the purchase, during the purchase and after it. What is happening in these steps and how much does it help to meet the wishes and needs of the buyer? If we get more data on the events at each of these stages, we will be able to use statistics and understand whether we are acting usefully or we can do nothing or do something instead of one process or the other. Always ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing in the process. If there is no answer maybe it means you don't really need this process.


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