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4. Evaluate the possibility to implement management systems

    Human resource management HRM, customer relationship management CRM, project management systems. This recommendation seems like a classic call from software vendors. I am not interested in recommending a particular product, I have also implemented systems with simple software solutions found in every office. A great benefit of these tools is the storage of structured data, which in combination with very fast search capabilities allows you to assess the situation on the current topic much faster and more convenient than searching for documents in folders on various shelves. What if you are not at work, but on a business trip and need information about a transaction history, clients, employees or project progress? With the help of a computer and the Internet, if the data is stored in a cloud service, there are some options, while a physical document folder needs the help of a colleague present. Some software solutions are available for free, but they may take more time to adapt to the system. Paid software has more solutions and have the ability to customize it for your needs. However, the most important functions can be covered by both solutions.