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9. Search for new data and new products

Neither meat nor fish is good overcooked. The same goes for vegetables. The same with new products in the company - they don't really need to be "overcooked". When working on and developing a product, you want to make it better, but it is worth asking yourself, do you really need it? Will the buyer appreciate it and will it make a significant contribution? It may be more valuable to create a next product related to the previous one, or a completely different one, so that "not all eggs are in one basket". The role of digitization here is the availability of data, which has not been the case before. Nowadays, when open data is available, various solutions of business intelligence programs opens up new opportunities in the field of IT for generating various new ideas. There is also a growing interest from municipalities to provide support to entrepreneurs, where one of the ways is to provide data. Municipalities, however, are on the same path and often do not really know what data could be useful for entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity to strengthen cooperation. Inform the municipality by inviting the publication of certain data sets that could be useful for entrepreneurs and look for new opportunities for products.