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5. Find the constriction

This is where the most effective digitization opportunities can be found. Often one of the processes takes a lot of time, it is very risky due to various circumstances, or possibly very expensive. Of course, there will not always be an easy solution to this and it's not always possible to get direct hit, but it is clear that solving this issue would allow the company to take a step forward. Once the greatest need has been identified, the search for possible digital solutions can be started. It is important to be able to define this need quite precisely. It is possible that only one employee knows the particular task and if something happens to it, the company cannot provide the service. There are several possible scenarios - you can look at the possibility to partially or fully automate the process. The second direction - to find instructions in at least a detailed video format, which would allow not so fast, but still implement the service or order. In this example, it is important to reduce the risks. If service is the biggest concern, then maybe you can look for self-service solutions? Customers are now doing a great job of scanning barcodes and inserting payment cards into payment machines or ordering online solutions. It does not replace the existing service, but can increase sales without increasing the number of sellers.