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8. Store your data in "cloud"

Like reduction of printing, this step changes attitude and perception about how to handle data. It would be quite difficult for me to find out how data storage can be significantly cheaper and more secure than in this option. Only if the equipment was purchased very recently and it is a question of high-performance server hardware. In several cases, the service has proven to be safer and no more expensive. Maintaining the equipment, servicing it regularly, changing needs to improve, providing safe and suitable conditions, providing electricity, guaranteeing business continuity - these tasks costs high. In the cloud service, this is a single payment and a solution will be provided as needed, and it is quite a challenge to achieve this on your own with a contract that sets out the supplier's responsibilities and guarantees. All the company has to do is provide its employees with an Internet connection and access to a single storage, which is now more accessible than ever before.