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7. Envision where your company will be in 5-10 years

Someone will say it is clear to him how he sees the company after 10 years, but quite often it has to be concluded that this vision is based on the existing circumstances and the habits of current customers. I have already mentioned how much they have changed over the last year and I am sure it will never be the same again. At the moment, we should look at what big companies are doing, not just in their industry, but much more broadly. Technology is changing the world faster and faster. Don't get me wrong, it's not frightening. Rather, it's a call to think about what we see more and more in our daily lives, because these are changes that will affect the actions and habits of every business buyer. Pay by phone, clock or just walk out of the store, because everything the buyer has chosen is already added to his bill. Connect with other service providers to provide a single service package, order goods automatically from the customer's warehouse accounting system and much more. There are many options, but remember, if you won't implement it, then your competitor will implement it as a rule. It may be necessary to look for something that, in principle, leads the company to less competition, to change the substance of the product. Engage a team of employees and try to imagine what it might take to be in positions after these 10 years.