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6. One can't get all done - look for a team

To start digitalization as only person can be a huge struggle or even impossible. This recommendation is very much in line with the first, where I invite you to start talking about meetings and other forms of communication. If you develop a greater understanding, you will be able to formulate a vision for your company's digital development and set up small, but useful steps, and will find more and more employees and clarity about the goals. Employees don't want to do things they don't understand. It is worth finding an employee who makes this vision shine obviously, seems engaging and has a desire to be interested in it more. Perhaps one can find a way for such employees to have a to-do list, replacing them with a leadership role in digital development. Everyone knows that there is a lot of strength in the team, it can also be used in this process. You may even be able to find ways, finances and time allowing employees to attend further training on this basis. There are currently a large number of offers - both paid and free training. Please do use it for your own or your company's benefit.