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Digital week March 22 -28

We are also participating in this year digital week activities. We have appreciated there are currently countless lectures and countless tutorials on how to deal with one solution or another. To find the digital solution that fits everyone is almost impossible, so we offer 3 different discussions with people to look at current technology development and its interaction with other sectors. This will allow you to broaden your horizons and understand the most important directions, and you will be able to hear the keywords to use in search to find more and understand in more detailed. We have stated three important directions for Cēsis - art, business, and administration or local government. For each of these we will offer a discussion with competent authorities and involved people. It's up to you to decide if it fits you and gives further directions.

Here are themes of discussions.

How do digital technologies affect art and how does art affect technology? We will talk about this in a discussion with the artist Alise Kinasta, design thinker and design strategist Elina Bushmane and user interface designer Nora Knage. Let's talk about how art and technology are evolving now and what they might look like in the near or distant future.

The Latvian IT cluster together with the Cēsis Digital Centre implements digital transformations for three-day training for entrepreneurs. Five different companies from Vidzeme, including Cesis, participate in the first pilot group. What entrepreneurs do these days and what the Latvian IT cluster can offer as the next steps and how important and valuable it is for entrepreneurs themselves, we will find out in a discussion with one of the training participants - the company "Kalna paltes", training teacher - expert Vita Brakovska and Latvian IT cluster director Aiga Irmeja. Log in and find out if such a training could be useful for your company!

What are the municipal IT systems and what difficulties do they face, what are the consequences of remote work and emergencies on these systems and how do IT departments cope with these and other tasks? These are issues that we will discuss with three municipal IT specialists from Amata, Cesis and Priekuli municipalities. Let's also talk about what municipal IT solutions and services might look like in the future and how it will be affected by regional reform. Find out how digital transformation is taking place in municipalities!


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