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About CDC

Cesis Digital Centre is a foundation established in 2020 with the aim to form Cesis Municipality as a smart technology center, to improve society's digital knowledge, to implement digital tools in public administration and attract information technology companies and talents to the region. Our main activities are organizing courses for local people to develop their IT skills, to build more efficient public administration by using digital tools, help local businesses to optimize production processes by using digital technologies.

The foundation was established by decision no. 37 at the meeting of Cēsis municipality deputies on 13.02.2020


Indriķis Putniņš

Member of board

Aleksandrs Ļubinskis

Chairman of the board

Juris Joksts

Member of board

Cēsis Digital center strategy for 2020 - 2023 year

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Cesis Digital center pricelist

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